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Community Spotlight: Meet published fashion model Nivi Ganesha from Toronto, Canada.

Today, we're happy to share with you our conversation with published fashion model Nivi Ganesha from Toronto, Canada.
We wanted to get to know a little bit more about who she is, how she got into the modeling industry, and where she's going on her creative journey. Here's how it went:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Nivi! We're excited to have you as our next feature and learn more about you as a fashion model. Let's start this off with you sharing exactly what it was that initially drew you to your craft, and how has your journey unfolded since then?
Nivi Ganesha: A lot of people around me said I should become a model, but I never had it in me to go for it back then. In 2019 I finally decided to go for it and here I am working with photographers, stylists and creatives from around the world. I have been featured in two magazines so far. Picton Magazine and Portfolio Magazine! I’ve also been shooting content on my own. More coming soon!

Can you share some insights into your creative process? Where do you find inspiration, and how do you translate that into your work?
Nivi GaneshaI look up to people like Rihanna and Karol G for my fashion inspiration. Both of them have really good fashion sense. I find inspiration in every outfit they wear for awards shows and music videos and I try to create my own look inspired by them.

What projects are you currently working on, and what excites you the most about them?
Nivi GaneshaI am planning a shoot for Vouge soon and I am looking forward to working with my photographer friend Gabriel. He’s an amazing photographer and has worked with a lot of people both in the industry and locally. Looking forward to working with him again.

Looking back on your career so far, what would you consider to be your proudest achievement or most memorable moment?
Nivi GaneshaI’d say my proudest achievement is being comfortable on camera more now than I used to be. I started taking my own photos to get better at posing and knowing my angles better. Now I'm here producing my own shoots and creating dope content.

How do you navigate challenges and setbacks in your field, and what advice would you give to aspiring creatives facing similar obstacles?
Nivi GaneshaSome challenges most of us face is comparing ourselves to others. That’s something I try not to do because we all are on our own pace working on our individual success and goals. There’s room for everyone to make money. Why not support each other instead of showing jealousy and hate? That’s how I look at it.

In an industry constantly evolving, how do you stay innovative and relevant while maintaining your unique voice/style?
Nivi GaneshaI think it’s important to just be yourself and show others who you really are. I mix my interest in music and fashion together and I post reels by choosing music that goes with whatever outfit or vibe I am going for.

Can you talk about any collaborations or partnerships that have been particularly meaningful or impactful for you?
Nivi GaneshaI had the opportunity to collaborate with Jiovani and Milk Room and it was an amazing experience. I love the community you guys have created and how you guys bring creatives together. Looking forward for more coming from you soon.

What do you hope audiences or consumers take away from your work, and what impact do you aspire to make in your industry?
Nivi GaneshaI hope the audiences and consumers that come across my page and see my creative work get inspired to work with different people and support other creatives around them. I aspire for more models to be natural and embrace their natural beauty.

Lastly, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your fans, or anyone inspired by your journey?
Nivi GaneshaThank you for showing love! Just be yourself and show love to the people around you.

Nivi, thank you again for giving us the chance to get to more about you. Now, the floor is yours, share with us the links people can use to find more of your work, as well as any special announcements or projects you have coming up in the near future!
Instagram: Nivi Ganesha (@_niviganesha) • Instagram photos and videos
TikTok: Nivi Ganesha (@niviganesha) | TikTok


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