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Milk Room Mixtape Vol. 2

Milk Room Mixtape Vol. 2


The Milk Room Mixtape is a collection. Big shout out to the home team for dropping these gems in 2021. This is our time. Lets go! By Milk Room

J3mob  Maxso  Wendeezy  S3rf  Maka  Ivvs Baby  The Floss God  ZiggyRoyal  CB5  Backspace  Flyp  Randy White  Melody Goldin  VIA 
Danny Goo  Goner  Shane Odwyer  Don Wil  Jaden Rayne  Shyon  Chanvose Dayytona Fox  Benzo Crazie boie  Darko  Vacaymo  Chakrra  Cloud22  Emily Strange AKA  Reign.  65 Sailo  Noelle


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