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Join The Independent Brand Movement

We at Milk Room are always on the lookout for talented designers to add to our roster. We believe that your unique aesthetic and design sensibility would be a valuable addition to our brand.

We believe that this partnership would be mutually beneficial, as it would allow you to reach a wider audience and gain exposure for your designs, while also allowing us to offer our customers a diverse range of styles and options.

Below are few key details and frequently asked question about the Independent Brand Program.

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How it Works

3 Easy Steps to Join!

Step 1: Get Involved in 3 Easy Ways

A) Host A Pop Up!

What is a pop up? A pop up is an event that expresses your brands mission, vision and values. Brands have had various way of expressing this by incorporating music artist, different types of food trucks, fashion shows, decorations, and more.

B) Join a Friday Market

Every month Milk Room host a Friday Market at each location. This is where we welcome independent brands, vendors, and more to participate in a swap meet / farmers market style community event.

C) Host a Virtual Pop Up

If you are not able to participate with option A or B, do not worry. With techonolgy you can still get involved! A virtual pop up consist of a 30 minute live video expeirince via one of the following social media platforms: Tik Tok or Instagram.

Step 2: Inventory Management

Download the Form Here

Talk about your brand

In order to be successful it is important that we know your product just as well as you do.

In the beginning we limit brands to carrying 5 items, not including sizes. On the sheet please insert photos.

Next Steps

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Step 3: Share Your Have Joined The Milk Room Community

Our goal is to help your brand grow!

We do this by posting your inventory, creating content and introducing you to our community members.

At the minimum we ask that you share the post we tag you in. That way people can find your brand at Milk Room.

The more you share and get involved with the community the more we would like to see you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will carry your items for a 90 day trial period. Based upon many factors, we will assess the relationship, to see if it makes sense to continue the relationship.

You will be paid out 60% for what the item sells for. This is paid upon the day after the pop up and after the 90 day trial period.

In addition, a $4.99 monthly fee is charged to the account for common area maintenance expenses (tags, shipping, labels, steaming, marketing etc.)

You will be paid out 60% for what the item sells for. This is paid upon the day after the pop up and after the 90 day trial period.

At all of our locations we have a section dedicated to our movement to support Independent brands. On our online website, we have a category for Independent brands as well. Our goal is to help your brand grow by getting it into the hands of your target customer. If we have sales, your items and our discretion will be included, nothing more than 15% will ever be discounted.

After the 90 day trial period, if you do not pick up your items during the grace period, we have the full discretion to discount the product more than 15%.

For all items, we price, and tag based upon the inventory sheet that is sent to us. From here, we take the utmost care of your garment by steaming them, and placing them on our showroom floor. If you have more then 5 items, we store your items in our inventory room in a safe kept in a clean storage package.

After 90 days, we will reach out to you to discuss payment, continuing our relationship, and items pickup. We ask that you pickup your items within 7 days of termination. If you are long distance and cannot travel to one of our locations, please be aware of us and we will ship the item. This cost will be taken out of your total payout.

The pop is free! We will only charge you for what the item sells for.