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by Milk Room: Luxury Streetwear x Vintage x Sneakers

Travis Scott Astroworld Land Bootleg Style Tee Shirt

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Experience the enchanting world of Travis Scott's Astroworld with this exclusive Land Bootleg Style Tee Shirt. In a striking white rock color, this tee showcases a fusion of the iconic Astroworld design with the bold aesthetics of METALLICA and SCALES. Crafted with care, this gently used tee offers a unique blend of comfort and style. With its extra-large size, it guarantees a comfortable fit for fans of Travis Scott's larger-than-life performances. Embrace the captivating energy of Astroworld and rock this remarkable collaboration. Add a touch of Japanese brand flair to your wardrobe and make a statement with this extraordinary tee. 

Item Name: Travis Scott Astroworld Land Bootleg Style Tee Shirt

Size: Multiple Sizes 

Color: Black 

Brand: Rap Tee, Travis Scott, Vintage

Condition: Gently Used.

Tags: #TravisScott #Astroworld #BootlegStyle #JapaneseBrand #GentlyUsed