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How to tell if your shirt is vintage

To determine if a shirt is vintage, you can look for certain characteristics that are commonly found in vintage clothing. These include:

  • A label or tag that indicates the garment was made in a specific decade or era.
  • A style that is no longer in fashion, or that has been updated or modernized in some way like single stitch.
  • Signs of wear and tear, such as fading, fraying, or small defects.
  • Detailed craftsmanship, such as hand-sewn buttons or embellishments.

Additionally, you can try doing some research to find out when a particular shirt or brand was first introduced, or when certain styles were popular. This can help you determine if a shirt is likely to be vintage.

It's important to note that there is no strict definition of what makes a shirt "vintage," and different people may have different opinions on the matter. Ultimately, whether or not a shirt is considered vintage is a matter of personal preference and context. Here at Milk Room we start off with age, 20 years is what we consider vintage.