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Community Spotlight: Meet recording artist JM TPOKES from Olympia, Washington.

Today, we're happy to share with you our conversation with recording artist JM TPOKES from Olympia, Washington.
We wanted to get to know a little bit more about who he is, how he got into the music industry, and where he's going on his creative journey. Here's how it went:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us JM TPOKES! We're excited to have you as our next feature and learn more about you as a musician. Let's start this off with you sharing exactly what it was that initially drew you to your craft, and how has your journey unfolded since then?
JM TPOKES: What initially drew me to my craft was my calling. I believe God gifted me with talents for the arts, not only to help spread my testimony, but also his word and works through any medium JM chooses. My journey was unfolding slowly and carefully, until recently. Over the years growing up I kept my art dreams to myself. In early adult hood, I've grown with confidence in my story and found ways to express my passion for the arts personally and publicly. All while sticking to the morals and codes to the best of my ability.

Can you share some insights into your creative process? Where do you find inspiration, and how do you translate that into your work?
JM TPOKES: All my inspiration comes from true sources of feelings, emotions, experiences, and expression. I understand that I am not the only one going through things in life. We all have our own perspectives on certain topics. Yet, we all have shared moments that tie us together and help bring new perspectives into the conversation. I am always watching, observing, and listening. It helps add truth to my art for the masses.

What projects are you currently working on, and what excites you the most about them?
JM TPOKES: I am currently in the works of re-recording 7 songs. I discovered my music was not being mixed to my standards, so I've been sitting down with each song for some one-on-one time to really make them the best they can be. We have re-recorded 2 songs already and we are now working on the third. The current track we are working on is called 40 Hours, a message from the matrix if you will, it's also a ragger for sure.

Looking back on your career so far, what would you consider to be your proudest achievement or most memorable moment?
JM TPOKES: Hands down the best moment so far was when I won a contest to performed at the "Rave B4 Xmas" hosted by Rage Nest in 2023. I got first place in votes; I ended up being the opener that night too. Played my whole catalogue top to bottom for a 30min set in front of about 200 people. We danced until my set was over, I set the town for the evening energy wise, but mainly let people know what's good with me as a performer. JM has entered the chat, most certainly. It was a big moment and I capitalized on the opportunity God had given me that night. Along with members of my label and fellow artist it was a real team effort.

How do you navigate challenges and setbacks in your field, and what advice would you give to aspiring creatives facing similar obstacles?
JM TPOKES: Take them on one at a time. We tend to rush a lot and if you're able to manage the setbacks one at a time, then you will be able to focus on the lesson being taught along with getting out of the storm faster. Show up every day and apply what you know the rest will come over time.

In an industry constantly evolving, how do you stay innovative and relevant while maintaining your unique voice/style?
JM TPOKES: I believe you are to focus on your voice and style before worrying about being relevant with the times. Art and the industry don't live on the same frequency. They are close neighbors but not the same, when you try to elevate your craft based off sales the art won't produce the same level of expression. Art sells, to anyone and everyone. The audience that accepts the art for the feeling, story or artist will pay. You have to create first before you make sales.

Can you talk about any collaborations or partnerships that have been particularly meaningful or impactful for you?
JM TPOKES: I've slowed down with collaborations in the past year. The music community here in Olympia is a bit difficult to create within. A lot of artists don't see eye to eye, old drama lingers and really, it's just laziness. So, it's hard to really find another peer who shares the same mindset as myself on the regular. I've recently met a gentleman by the name of Heyday who I am very happy to have met along with one of my fellow brothers at the label Lotto Man.

What do you hope audiences or consumers take away from your work, and what impact do you aspire to make in your industry?
JM TPOKES: Vulnerability, be yourself no matter what, as there's a lot of robots roaming around. The impact I would like to make is the one God has planned. The water gets deep in the industry, and I think if it's in God's plan it will be exactly when he wants it and how ever he wants it. In the meantime, Ima stick to this grind.

Lastly, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your fans, or anyone inspired by your journey?
JM TPOKES: I am very thankful to have your support, making this jump and taking the risk of chasing my dream has been nothing short of a blessing. Each one of you is a blessing and I'm thankful for the support these first three years, cheers to many more. Don't forget you all are gifted and I'm very thankful GOD has allowed us to cross paths. Stay weird, stay you, and remember God loves you. GLYA.

JM TPOKES, thank you again for giving us the chance to get to more about you. Now, the floor is yours, share with us the links people can use to find more of your work, as well as any special announcements or projects you have coming up in the near future!!


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