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Saying Goodbye to Our Woodland Hills Location: A New Chapter Begins

As the sun sets on our beloved Woodland Hills location, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey that has been and the exciting road that lies ahead. Last week, we turned the lights off one last time at this special spot that many of you have come to know as a second home. After ten months of try to negotiate our lease renewal, our agreement came to an end on May 1st, marking the close of a vibrant chapter in our story.

Woodland Hills has been more than just a location; it has been a canvas for creativity, a space for community gatherings, and a source of countless memories. We have been incredibly fortunate to host amazing events, workshops, and daily interactions that have not only enriched our community but have also allowed us to grow in ways we never imagined.

While it’s natural to feel a twinge of sadness as we say goodbye, we are filled with gratitude for all that we’ve experienced and shared with each of you in this space. The end of our lease does not signify an end to our journey, but rather the beginning of a new era.

Our Commitment to Growth and Community

Despite this change, we want to assure our community that we are alright. In fact, we are more excited than ever about the future. The closure of one door invariably leads to the opening of another, and we are eagerly stepping through to embrace the opportunities that await.

We are actively exploring new avenues to expand and enhance what we do. Our commitment to fostering creativity and community remains stronger than ever, and we are excited to announce that we are looking for guest collaborators and artists who would like to feature on our blog. Whether you’re a painter, a poet, a musician, or a speaker, we’d love to hear from you and explore how we can collaborate to create something truly special.

Stay Tuned for a Big Announcement

We are on the brink of something big—something that promises to bring even more value and innovation to our community. While we’re not quite ready to reveal all the details just yet, we can assure you that this new project will open up more ways for us to connect, learn, and grow together.

We are just getting started, and with your continued support and participation, the next chapter looks to be the most exciting yet.

How You Can Get Involved

As we navigate this transition, we’d love for you to be a part of our evolving story. If you’re interested in being featured in our blog fill our this form. We are looking creatives with a story to share.

If you simply want to support, browse our collection, we ship daily. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey thus far. We are eager to move forward, together, into a bright and boundless future. Let’s continue to create, inspire, and lead with creativity at the forefront of all we do.


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